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Originally Posted by NwRcFlight View Post
There has to be something wrong other than just power when you can fly the planes on one transmitter with no issue and the exact same plane has an issue with the DX8. Could the DX8 be sending a signal that in some way the AR6200 doesn't recognize? Could low power cause a brownout and the AR6200 recovers properly from a DX7 signal (in milliseconds so it's not noticed) but it doesn't recover properly sometimes from a DX8 signal and does a 3 second reconnect? Has he had a power issue all along and the AR6200 has been recovering and auto connecting but it wasn't noticed because it happened so fast (perhaps just a weird twitch in the models flight)? Is the auto reconnect not working now on the AR6200 and the receiver has to go through a complete initialization (seconds) when the power blips? Resulting in a loss of control that sometimes ends in a crash because the failure starts at a low altitude?
If I were a betting man, I'd bet your are spot-on with the problem being something you just mentioned. I'm very new to data logging and I'm not sure how much of this info we can record with things like the ICE logging and Eagle Tree loggers.

Since the weather isn't cooperating here in Jersey for at least a few more days I'm trying to get a cheap plane setup to record as much of this info as possible and see if I can shed more light on the situation. If anyone has any suggestions for me please let me know!

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