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Originally Posted by SpadCat2000 View Post
I thought I bought one when I ordered a bunch of parts from RTF, but could not find it. kdean has one and his is the one that appears not to be good. That was when I asked him if he did a continuity check.

You know, I was going to bid on one too. Right now I am watching a EXI 450, but he wants more than I am willing to pay along with shipping being way to high, so I will just look. I do not plan on at this time to convert the tail to brushless, will just adapt the V400 rotor mechanically. Yesterday I received the RTF brushless kit and flew V400#2 extensively this morning. Once I saw how they did it, it looked simple enough to build a brushless system myself. I am way out of date when it comes to the digital world, but I still have basic electronic skills that are useful for me. I will rely (and learn) from people such as yourself to do the heavy lifting.

The only reason I am thinking of going to a 450 frames is to find a little more durability until I learn how to fly better. It is nice at this time to have a heli that one can actually fly at a very low point on the learning curve. 6 or 7 years ago, I bought a Sabre 4ch fp and it was one of the most frustrating flying (or lack of) experiences I have ever had, so when I saw the FBL design and 3 gyro system of the V400 in January, I thought that would be a good way to go, and so far it has since I now have close to 30 flights with only a couple of real crashes.


Since you are already have 450 kit on the way (so we don't go bidding against each other) what search parameter did you use to find your kit?

I like FBL too since I have some success with my 4#6 converted to FBL. On my CP's I always find the main shaft too short so that the flybar would be stuck when we use the extreme top or bottom. And the paddles get loose easily. Perhaps I have the cheap ones. For FBL we have less issues to worry about.

To get it to hover, it is more or less a matter of setting up. FBL is easiler.

The ebay 450 kit I bought was around $36 after shipping compared to around $28 for the $10 kit if we can get it. Someone could find a $29 one last year.

It is more or less plastic. I am going to replace the head to make it FBL. I am still not sure about what to do with the tail yet, belt or brushed DD. There is a $10 FBL head from HK too.

We can also get some better frames from HK for less than $28 each shipped as the frames cost less to ship, assuming we can transfer most thing over.

For mine, just search for "450 V3" and look around $36 total.

BTW for the signal converter, the 2614V does not output its motor pulses regularly. I have to measure the last one whenever it happens to form the PPM, can't stick to a fix interval. I am using the standard 20ms cycle. You can make it shorter, if your ESC and servo can handle a shorter cycle. Walkera uses as short as 3.3ms cycle at the tail. Hence standard analogue servo won't work.
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