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Originally Posted by canard addict View Post
Yes, John, The Duck spins better with the larger wing. At first it did a nose down tail spin but after moving the battery rearward by 3/4 inch, the flat spin worked really well. It is different from Duck 1 because it required no right aileron for a full left rudder spin. So far I have tried full left rudder and full up elevator with moderate throttle. The spin is rather floaty with very low descent rate. The landings are gentle but with positive nose up stability for three points. With less canard influence, incidence and motor down thrust, it flies fast without climb, flies inverted with less forward stick and with better visibility it meets all demands that I was hoping for. Maybe a video later if my man is for it.
Charles, Thats great news! It sure sounds like you have it sorted. From what you wrote it sounds like the symmetrical airfoil on the canard is working well for you - especially for inverted flight. I know you moved the CG further back for the Duck 2. That unloads the canard wing slightly, but I was wondering if that would translate into a noticably lower stall speed.

I am really looking forard to the video. I think you will have a challenge to put on a better show than the video of the first Duck. I hope you don't mind me reposting it here, because I think its really good viewing.

Canard Addict's Delta Duck (2 min 6 sec)
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