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Originally Posted by kdean View Post

Still waiting for #2 and #3 to get here. I'm not pushing the limits with #1 to far until I have back-up.

As far as servos are concerned, I'm still waiting to hear from wowhobbies or walkera-china about the wk-09-8 servos. (advertised as full metal gears, but comes with 2 plastic gears inside)

Can some one tell me which gear/gears are most likely to strip in a servo?

I have a set of Turnigy metal gear servos comeing with one of my shipments, but it sounds like the are 'analog' and not 'digital'. Will they work in the V400?

The only bad thing I hear about the EXI's is the noise.....

After flying my 3ch 9053 volitation and incountering so many problems with it, I'm hopeing and praying the V400's dont frustrate me as much.

I think I'll invest in the best sim money can buy and just fly with that.....

Sorry to jump in everyone, but I am flying a V400D02 full 3D with RTF-HELI's brushless motor upgrade (excellent) and the big kicker, I splurged for 3 Hitec Digital Metal Gear Servos. They were $20 each, but here's the awesome part. They require virtually ZERO modification. I just took a small pin vise and a 0.060 bit and put a small hole on each side using the servo trays as guides. I literally changed out all 3 in about 45minutes. Here are my observations:

1. The HITEC HS5055MG's are digital. They are fast and they are precise. I put them on high rate and holy crap.

2. Using the stock servo arms from the V400 are a breeze, however, the servos sit just a little different. I had to adjust all the servo linkages to get the blade angle back to design range. Well worth the effort though because it flies very aggressively now.

3. DON'T be tempted to by the HITEC HS55's. They are plastic gear and analog and are only marginally better in this heli than the stock Walkera's. They ARE half the price of the digital metal version, but absolutely not worth it.

4. And for Pete's sake, DON'T buy any spare Walkera stock servos. Total waste of money.

5. I didn't notice the HS5055MG's to be noisy. I am new to real world flying (learned on sim for several years), but I didn't notice the servos being overly annoying or anything.

6) Just for reference, on high rates, this little heli will flip on a dime! VERY exciting!

Hope this is helpful info. It may all be old news at this point or another solution may have presented itself. Thanks and all the best, Russ
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