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HK 30A BlueSeries ESC schematic and I2C/TWI mod

Hello all!

I have done with drawing schematic for HobbyKing 30A BlueSeries Brushless Speed Controller. It's mostly complete, but still can contain some bugs, errors, missing or wrong elements or values (all ceramic caps are 0.1 uF for now, lol) etc. I would be very grateful for any advices, suggestions and corrections.

The target is to re-flash this ESC with opensource firmware, add I2C and/or UART interfaces. In other words, to play with it and to gain some experience with brushless motor controllers

Now I have a couple of questions:
1) Do all of this cheap ESCs have a current sensor? I did not found any...
2) What is the point of measuring voltage at S_PWR?
3) Can't figure out, what the connections PD0-PD2 and PB2-GND are all about
4) Why do we need an middle point connection from BEMF sensors to PD6 (sorry, I'm a noob in ESCs, but I've seen similar connections in other schematics).
5) Is there any well tested C firmware, where I can just modify I/O ports? Or should I write my own?

Thanks in advance for any answer!

Here is the schematic (click for full version: 3200x2400 PNG, 357 kb)

Here are the board photos for reference:

(1637x721 JPG, 354 kb)

(1629x753 JPG, 357 kb)
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