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Originally Posted by brokeitagain View Post
I followed Chuck's youtube tutorial on setting up the Radian Pro with the DX7 and I'm having a problem. When I activate the 3-way flap switch for camber and reflex, the flaps and ailerons move opposite from each other. There is only slight movement which I think is correct for camber/reflex, however the flaps and ailerons do not move in tandem. As the ailerons move"up" slightly, the flaps move "down" just a hair, and vice versa. Can anyone help on this?

PS I just PM'd this to Chuck, but I'm going flying in the morning and I was afraid he may not see it before then. No offense intended, Chuck!
just answered Brokeit for others that might have this problem i think from memory and myself doing it you need to swap the aileron cables over in the Rx that should fix the problem

Guys, i don't get angry or annoyed with what we all talk about here, after all thats why we are here to chat our shared hobby, (have you seen that Blade mCPX thread i started ) all i was suggesting is we keep on track and not go off on a tangent there are plenty of topics to cover every subject on R/C Groups

anyway back to the chat and flying, if only! the wind has been from 20-35kph all day here and all the past week too, i'm starting to hang out for a fly the sims just not doing it

cheers chuck
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