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MAP have you much experience with this yourself? Ill have to check it out via a range test. I hope there won't be interference, it COULD happen tho you are correct. If i notice anything I'll cut throttle..Hopefully my Orange RX with its lil antenna hanging out will stay true!! Just ordered a satellite receiver from HK just for this plane!

is the problem from the carbon rod shielding it, physically has to be blocked?? the rod is so thin, does it create a wall...This is the first time i heard of it..GOOGLE here i come. and I usually take what most things i read with a grain of salt unless its known physics..hehe

Did the range test..had the GF hold the plane up and move and twist, I'm sure the neighbors wondered what the heck she was doing. I eventually found that at 50 paces I had good signal, every which way the plane faced. It was quite easy to tell when signal was lost as the OrangeRX lights at 55 paces It would cut out sometimes, depending on the angle of the plane. at 60, It could only grab the signal, then lost it once the RX was blocked in any way. SO it so far, seems alright Wonder what the range will be with the satellite installed
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