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Originally Posted by Brian Wa View Post
I think we could do without the bad language from the competitors, most unsportsman like and pure bad manners:-

It could be sited as a case for disciplinary action under the following rule in the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing:-[5950].pdf

Action by a National Authority or Initial Action by the ISAF
(a) When a national authority or the ISAF receives a report alleg- ing a gross breach of a rule, good manners or sportsmanship, a
report alleging conduct that has brought the sport into disrepute,
or a report required by rule 69.1(c) or 69.1(e), it may
conduct an investigation and, when appropriate, shall conduct a
hearing. It may then take any disciplinary action within its
jurisdiction it considers appropriate against the competitor or
boat, or other person involved, including suspending eligibility,
permanently or for a specified period of time, to compete in
any event held within its jurisdiction, and suspending ISAF eligibility
under ISAF Regulation 19.

Thank you for your comment. The purpose of me joining this forum is to share our fleets experiences good or bad. And to gain imput from unbiased comments such as yours,so that our fleet can mature. The language is a big problem as we have spectators, its unsportsmanlike, I don't personally use it at all. The rule is very helpful.
I started sailing with these guys since October and we have yet to sit down and have a sincere meeting about our rules, conduct,whos in charge to establish our club to international standards. I record races out of frustration because of the arguing.. The camera doesn't lie. I debate whether to upload these. BUT if it can trigger a response that I can put on the table when the time comes, then it is in my opinion of good reason. If anybody is offended then I will nolonger post them. I have raced nitro model boats for years and if they can complete over 180 races in 2 days with many different classes without nonsense, then I'm sure a 10 race regatta can do likewise. I thank you ALL so much for your comments. I am sorry if I sound like our guys are a bunch of kuckleheads, but overall I simply think we need a good dose of structure to keep things in order. I'm the new guy.... Just trying to enjoy the competition and aim to compete internationally in the future.
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