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2 way switch for flaps.

You can program(flaps) on the dx6i,I use it on my strykers for launch and landing (heavy strykers)
I know use the dx7 so just give me a sec to remember.......
For the dx7 you need to go into the menu,select flap function,inh flap function,choose switch to delagate flaps,select norm for level flight,adjust the flaps for level flight.
Flick switch down in position scroll to land,select,scroll to desierd amount of throw about 50-60% to start or what you feel will be comfortable.designate the gear switch.

This is with the dx7 as I havnt used the dx6i for over a year,should be relativly the same though,Ill do some checking and get back.
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Maiden this morning, wind speed 10-15 mph and gusty. I have to say that this thing performs well in windy conditions. Couple of questions, does anyone know why the DX6i won't let you program flaps(spoilerons) when running elevons? It lets you enter the flaps to adjust them, but doesn't actually do anything when activated. Anyone know of a different way to run the elevons? just thought I'd ask. I think I may be a little too nose heavy, gonna fly again this evening, weather permitting, and check it. I may have had my elevons set a little to low. I know the setup says parallel with the belly of the wing, but seems like the elevons are a little up? anyway, anyone running a 7x6 prop?....felt a little slow and it could have been the wind or drag from elevons if my plane is too nose heavy.
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