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I saw on youtube where a guy was looking at what two frequencies the DSM2 tx and rx would pick when it scanned for open channels. What he found is that sometimes the two would pick two very close together which he seemed to think would, I think, loose some of the noise immunity that you get by having the two channels in the first place.
I would have thought that Spektrum engineers would have put some thing in the software to reject these combos and search for two that were father apart. This routine would be easy to code and would be best for all tx/rx systems looking to connect. So this would be good for DSM2 systems.
DSMX does psuedo random frequency hopping which is needed when you have more than 40 tx/rx systems trying to connect close to each other, like at big events. This makes the whole tx/rx link more complicated when not needed.
So can the DX8 be set to just use DSM2 mode, and how do you know it is locked in that mode if you can, is there a screen display?
Has Spektrum implemented software to reject frequency pairs that are close to each other to improve/maintain the best link, or has this not been considered because DSMX is the new thing.
I could see the tx/rx pair having problems if the tx was DSMX capable and the rx was not and the tx went to the 11ms frame rate due to a software bug and the rx could not understand the data in this format.
Without knowing what is done is software vs hardware only the Spektrum engineers can answer these questions and look to see if it could ever happen.
Maybe Andy can check, but not answer due to it being part of the Spektrum IP.
Sorry for the long winded questions/comments.
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