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Originally Posted by bamabaxter View Post
Here are the pics, just use a 1/4" drill bit and stay away form the actual bend. Again, I don't combat, so this may not help some of you. I tried to go larger at first but the bit was bent so I moved to a smaller size. screw the mount down flat on an old 2x4 to keep from bending it and use some wd-40 to keep the bit cool. The scuff marks were caused by the bench grinder when I smoothed off the remains.
Originally Posted by Bombay View Post
Hey Bama:
Nice simple design.

Thanks for the idea of lightening the motor mount. I tend to build heavy, so lightening a part without (hopefully) sacrificing strength is a great idea. Now, if my motor mount breaks, it is all your fault.

I didn't drill as many or large of holes as you, but I rounded both ends...and removed quite a bit of material in the process. I was able to lose 10 grams.
After seeing all this drilling of the ss motor mounts I decided to get in on the act to see how much weight I can reduce off my assassin. I did not start with a stock mount as I had already drilled 4 holes for the X motor mount because the rear screw holes on my motor did not fit inside the mount slots, I guess I could file a little and it could be made to fit and I could loss a little more weight by lossing the X mount and the two remaining 4-40 screws/nuts and two of the four motor screws.

Mount before the drilling = 35g or 1.2 oz after the drilling = 26g or .9 oz.

I weighed my Assassin before starting all this without the Rx, ESC or battery, (now residing in the Titan), I have two 9G EXI Digital Metal Gear Servo D213F already installed, been using them for awhile, it weighed 431g or 15.2 oz. After drilling, leaving only two 4-40 screws and nuts it weighs 401g or 14.1 oz. So I'll see what else I can loss, heaven knows I can stand to loss a few pounds myself. I just wish it was as easy as standing at a drill press!
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