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I'll add my recent pizza making discoveries,...

I detest the commonly advised method of making pizza on the BBQ where you put the dough right on the grill, cook for a couple minutes remove it, flip it, add toppings and cook 2nd side. The dough is dry, the toppings not cooked well, sometimes not even very hot. It's just never worked well, for me.

I decided I still wanted to try and use my gas BBQ as a pizza oven,.. especially in the summer when it's hot and you don't want to heat up the kitchen. I put fire bricks on the grill and my stone on the firebricks (for a smoother surface). I've also removed my grills (grates) and put the bricks right on the diffuser plates. I didn't have enough to completely cover the bottom of the pizza stone, which I think is best. Because the gaps I had between the bricks caused hot spots on the pizza stone causing uneven browning. You are basically turning your BBQ into a less than ideal gas fired pizza oven, but it gets hotter than my kitchen oven (500 deg). The pizzas cooked turned out fantatsic! It's more like using a real pizza oven! Surprisingly it didn't take an hour to preheat the stone, only about 20-30 minutes. I'm still experimenting with temperature settings, and I need to get a couple more fire bricks so I can completely cover the bottom of my stone. So far no cracked stones,... which happened to me when I just put the stone on the grates (no firebricks).

This summer I will experiment with adding dry wood chips to a burner box to impart a true wood fired aroma/taste to my pizzas. I'm very anxious to try this idea.

I've also tried using two stones for one pizza. One over the top of the pizza. I'll post pics later in the morning as to how I did that.
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