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Originally Posted by Sproket13 View Post
Ive been playing with the CG, and it seems 70mm is right along the front of the first spar in the wing right? The white tape you can feel where the cut is made, that appears to be about 73mm..give or take..
Sproket at that mark for me is 77mm. When you balance her before flight or just on the table. How does sit? Level/Abit of nose down/or tail down.

No matter were i set my CG to 70mm/77mm i always have a slight nose down

shultz the Stock Spar is not CF,but HH stated it was...Its Plaztic/FG. So im sure a 10mmCF Spar would be abit lighter etc...
Im not sure why the Spar is not included with the Wing. I guess another mystery. Like the metal housed Motor. If you want a Stock replacement have to get the Plastic(Radain) motor.
While you are on the phone with them about the Spar,asked them about the motor too
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