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Originally Posted by Derek_S View Post
I thought about offering a few. The laser is used on borrowed time so it might not be possibly to really sell them full scale, but a few here and there are possible. I would be glad to cut a couple extras for my cost plus shipping. Probably less than $10 depending on how many turns you want it to be... luan is cheap.

However I only have the 1280mhz one designed for now, and cannot really garuntee it in any way! It dimensionally is correct, but performance wise who knows...

If you want one PM me, I would love to send a few out just to see what others think. I can also somewhat easily make minor mods to the design, such as filleted corners for a softer look, or a more bluntly cut nose. I kinda liked the futuristic look, so I left it 'industrial' style.
Send a sample to me for verification. I will test it, tune it, and send it back to you. Then you'll know where you stand

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