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Dang!....What else did I bring
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Used to fly there then too!

Hey Bill;
Like Tom says, they still fly there, but mostly the Electrics. Went there myself about a year ago to look at it, and the reason the slope is not busy now is they flying field is back by the elementry school so they frown on walking over to see if your flying on other then 2.4 and the slope is quite frankly just not that good. Several of the area's sites have closed down. Like back bay site before the homes went in.
A great slope kinda by you is at Fort Funston. Big cedar chip top of cliff where the hang glider guys fly, but have seen the slopers flying there too! Great view and big lift just outside Daley City. Some other nice spots too down the coast by... oh forgot the city. Just before Half Moon bay. North of Devils slide.
Let us know when your back in the area. Can show you much nicer slopes then Estancia.


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Hello OC Flyers,
I lived in Huntington Beach in the 80's and flew at a bluff overlooking the Santa Ana river nearby a school that I think was called Estanchia. The bluff was in the vicinity of Brookhurst and Adams. I moved from HB in 1987 to the SF Bay Area. On numerous trips back to OC I've stopped by the bluff and no one was flying, even when the wind was blowing straight against the bluff.

Why is there no one flying there any longer? (or maybe I've been there at the wrong times). Has there been some sort of restriction imposed upon this site restricting the flying of RC aircraft along this bluff? Any info would be appreciated.
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