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And then there were three...

The other two V400 are here at last. And in just in time....

Went to work tonight with the intent of stoping at the park on the way home. As I got to work, my sax player friend, who lets me use his US address, gives me the two boxes I have been expecting two arrive some time this week. My #2 and #3 are here..

#2 is new, with 2603 tx two batteries and aluminium case, never flown, and #3 was used once then crashed then sold to me. (#3 came with the servos off, tail boom off, the canopy although it was new was split at the seem, bad packing is to blame.) The seller also included the replacement parts to get it flying again. Including a set of turnigy mg servos.

There was no breeze tonight, and I was feeling realy confident. I have back up helis now. I dont know how it happend but, i was practising some forward side to side passes, i even took her up and did a piero (not to pretty), I went straight out and tried to the left and ended up face first in the grass. It happend so fast I did not even have a chance to react. As i took the walk of shame I was imagining the list of parts i would have to order, head, swash, main shaft, rotors, tail boom, servos, tail rotor and gear, 4 weeks of waiting.......etc...

But, after a quick inspection, I only stripped a few teeth of the main gear. I got some at home, no problem mon...

I still had some juice in the battery, and I have a brand new heli in the car. You Know It... Swaped the battery, binded, and hovered the rest of the battery.

Not all V400 are shipped with the same set up. This one was very 'tight'. I have my gyro set at 100% on my #1, but #2 with no adjustment at all did not want to leave the hover. I tried some tail in side to sides, and she did not want to move. The tail also holds better with #2. I used the same tx and did not touch the trims and the tail was actually slightly pushing to the right. #1 always pushes to the left.

Got home unpacked every thing and spent some time putting #3 back together again. I have big plans for it. Need to use the power tool to get the turnigy's in, and I dont want to wake the wife and kids, so it will have to wait till the weekend.

Maybe if i quit my job...........

Shout out to Thatguy, Joe thanx again.....
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