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Thanks for this post.

I came looking specifically to see if there was an RCGroups Thread on he CZ so I could post my problem.

My issue was almost exactly the same although, I have not crashed my model at all. I was taxiing back to the pits after a 5 minute flight on a 3000 mah pack when the elevator servo suddenly went to full up.

I could not get the servo to recenter, so I disconnected the pack and turned on and off the TX. It stayed in the full up and then after about 2 minutes suddenly recentered itself without any stick movement.

I replaced the rx with a new out of the box Spectrum AR7200 and a new CC esc and motor mount as the stock cracked while doing a prop-hang.

The issue repeated next flight. Clearly I need to replace the servo and extension but the model would have been lost if it happened in flight.

BTW our Australian retailer, who I believe to be VERY good (Modelflight) aid this is the first reported isue of this type.

Maybe I should replace every servo if it is a batch problem.

Originally Posted by RC-Wings View Post
I wouldn't call it a crash, but mine was all squarrely on the elevator. I attributed it to the excessive wind. It was finally a nice day here, but windy!

But when I landed I noticed the elevator servo would not center it would go like half full up to half full down, then move around a little more after I stopped moving the sticks.

I looked online to buy a replacement and its like 36 bucks! Anyone know of a cheaper replacement? From reading this thread, it sounds like this particular servo may have some problems...
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