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Originally Posted by AdamChicago View Post
Alex, I have an off topic question for you since you're the RF guru...and I probably don't have enough info for you to make a solid conclusion, but just wanted your opinioin.

I discovered an awesome place to fly, BUT about 300 feet from the take off location facing in the opposite direction (south) is a huge approx 25ft diameter dish pointed roughly at a 45 degree angle up towards the sky (behind the Lucent office in Illinois), which I do not know if it's transmitting or receiving. Is this a potential concern for RF interference with a 433 UHF Rx and 910 VTx FPV setup even if I be will 300+ feet away and will be flying behind and away from it?
Just don't fly in front of it's beam. Remember, satellite dishes are not necessarily powerful (despite their large size). What they do is compress a signal into a narrow high intensity beam. It could be a multipathing issue if you were standing right next to it, but at 300 feet away, I wouldn't worry about it.

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