Thread: New Product OSD for MultiWii/DJi/Mikrokopter
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I received your PM about pre ordering. I have some questions as the definition of the project is still a bit vague.

Could you provide some photos of the complete system including GPS & data logger. What sensors are included on the board? Is this a single board with the SD card on the bottom? it's not clear to me in the pics.

Is the "artifical horizon" an inertial combination of gyro & accel data or is it just a display of accelerometer data?

I see that the fimware is proprietary, I am a bit confused about integrating your app with the open source muiltiwii firmware. Are both applications running on a single processor? What impact does your system have on the cycle times on the multiwii software? Can the multiwii software still be user configured and modified? I have seen nothing specific on the data logging yet, what data can be logged and how is it retreived and analyised? Is all GPS and other sensor (volts, rssi, etc) data available to the multiwii software?

What processor is the board based on? I thought it was the 128 with 14 pwm outputs, I was hopeing to use it on a octo. Not sure why I was thinking that.

Can you provide pinouts of the board IO external hookups please.

Sorry for all the questions, the board is relativly pricey and I want to know exactly what I'm buying.

I already have the remzibi OSD w/GPS, I have another GPS on order with a group buy and a seeduino on the way. I want to make sure your system is fully integrated.

Looking forward to your reply... Thanks,

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