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Originally Posted by swlee View Post
This weekend was spent trying out my new Tandem Rescue RTF - and I'm hooked big-time! The heli trimmed pretty quickly with the included transmitter, and I can reliably hover in place. Coming from 3-ch helis is proving to be a bit of a chore - retraining my brain to have the rudder on the left stick is slowly coming along. At this point, I'm sort of flying drunkenly (but slowly!) around the living room, and see improvement with each flight. Am anxious for my mCX2 to arrive so I can add that to the mix!

So, I'm seeing the wisdom of getting a DX6i or DX7 transmitter; planning to expand my horizons with helis first, but also am interested in airplanes (when time, $$$, and spouse permit!). Both seem to be well-respected by folks on these forums. Looks like several used ones are available in my area. Before I jump into this, one question: I see there are "Airplane" and "Heli" versions of the DX7. Am I correct that these can function identically, but the "Air" version defaults to airplanes when selecting the model being programmed for, and the "Heli" version defaults to selecting from heli models? Anything I need to be aware of when purchasing a DX6i or DX7, so I don't paint myself into a corner I don't want to be in?

Thanks for your insights!
The tandem rescue is a totally different animal than the mcx2.
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