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What I would think? "Ouch, what happened?" Beyond that it becomes an assumption...

This started out as a grammar lesson and has become an effort to help me become a better pilot. Both of which I appreciate (not being a wise ) , but I think are a little misguided. I used quotation marks around crash to reflect interpretation variances. As for accepting it; you obviously don't know me...I've had plenty of crashes, and I'll do it again, and have zero problem admitting it. Flew my Corsair in to trees two weeks in a row! Now those were crashes worthy of being called a crash

The best way for a novice pilot like me to become a better pilot is to be able to keep flying. That's why I was posting pics of my repairs and my thoughts on a weak spot in the plane. Just behind the canopy. If you aren't going to land the plane pretty smoothly every time; you may want to think about sparing this up front as it's easier then repairing a fully snapped fuse (and it can be done a lot cleaner with a lot less epoxy). I would also recommend filling in the extra space in the spars on the elevators and rudder with epoxy. Either the depth of the spar on those parts is not correct, or it's a poor glue job; I haven't broken one but others have. Not to mention I have the plane in my hands and can see and feel that these are weak spots.

Now at least most of that was relevant to the forum.
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