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Originally Posted by mfpage View Post


15. Aeronautics . to cause (an aircraft) to make a landing in an abnormal manner, usually damaging or wrecking the aircraft.
Thanks Page, but think about that definition...

First we are talking about toys, not real airplanes carrying real people. Next let's talk about abnormal...Uh-oh, your flaps won't go down..Plane lands without incident (abnormal, but not a crash). Landing in high crosswinds and crabbing it in (abnormal). Bird strikes the plane and takes out 1 engine on a multi engine, lands safely (abnormal, but not a crash). Off airport landings (abnormal, but not crashes)...

This is one reason the FAA uses ACCIDENT or INCIDENT and does not define anything as a "crash". And yes, I did have an accident on landing, but I choose to use the term "crash" for a reason.

It's all good, I knew someone would try and debate the terminology of my statement, but your ability to debate the subject and use references shows that you likely got the point I was trying to make.

I may one day Dan, it looks like a fun plane for sure. Zack pulled a sick spiral dive with his on Sunday...He never realized how close to terra firma he was. But the Mustang or any other warbird will never have the control surface area and throws of the Yak. I just need to get better at landing it safely
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