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First Outdoor Flight

Well boys and girls, I did it. After loading up the family in the car, and a few hours of bowling, we got to the park and I was ready to test my new heli skills. With only 4 or 5 indoor hovers, and hours on FMS, I decided its time to take it to the next level.

The winds were still around 6 - 8 mph with very spars and light gusts. To start I hovered for a bit around 2-3 feet just to be safe. I had no idea how she would act in the wind. Other owners say it handels the wind with no problem, and they are right. The flight was smooth and quiet. At first I thought my battery was not fully charged because it was so quiet and so tame. Then realized I dont have the four walls componding the noise and bouncing the air pockets around.

The sun was down and the park is well lit, but at times, as I took her higher I found it hard see the angle of the heli. Thats when things would get interesting. About half way through the battery pack I got a little high, lost sight of my angle, and got into some fast forward flight. Once on an angle, this heli really gets moving. (Not like the sim that tends to 'hang'). All of my training came into play as I was about 30 feet up and doing bank turns and figure eights.... Not what I wanted to be doing cause my tail fin is cracked where it is attached to the boom, and I did not want to put any stress on it and have it break off mid flight. My wife was very impressed with my flying, little did she know I was crapping in my pants trying to regain control.

At this point I needed a break, so it was time to practice LANDING......

I have not been that nervous since my 6th grade graduation dance, where I asked the girl who I had a crush on all year to dance the last slow dance with me. My hands were shaking, my plams were sweating, I had to take a break

After getting my nerves back, I finnished the battery in a low hover with some forward moving side to side passes.

This is a great heli for all skill levels and its a pleasure to fly. I know its very delicate and things do break on them. But with some TLC, and the right replacement parts in the right places, this heli will not disapoint.

My project this week is to adjust the pitch and throttle curve to make it a little more aggersive. And find a fix for the weak tail fins. (I'm thinking of using metal hose clamps somehow)

I'm already planning what my next two heli purchases are going to be. I've been looking at the 250 from E-Razor, or the 450 EXI kit (using the elecs from one of my V400's, and most definitly the walkera M120D01 w/2801 pro.

I have alot to dream about....... and its past my bed time
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