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Radian Pro Autopsy

Well, if you watched Gary's Radian Family Fun video (see Post #21 of this thread), you'll see him flying along with my Radian Pro. At the 6:00 mark, you'll see we made contact. We were kinda low, and that sent me into the ground nose-first. The fuselage broke completely in half right in front of the wing. The foam was really smashed and compressed between the break and the firewall. All the components survived and I didn't even break my Graupner 10x8 prop! Anyway, I figured it would be too much work to repair it good, so I bought a new fuselage.

Since I had to remove parts (motor, servos, etc) from the busted fuse, I decided to tear into the fuse to see what was inside of it. I removed the plastic wing attachment piece that everybody claims is junk. Looks like there's no damage to it. I did find a few interesting things. They added a plastic piece along the top of the wing saddle. That's a definite improvement over the original Radian. I also extracted the fiberglass stiffeners from the fuse. There was one oriented vertically along the bottom of the fuse and then two small ones oriented horizontally in each fuse half. I also thought it was cool how the tail part of the fuse wasn't solid. The interior structure design like that saves weight and probably helps strengthen the tail.

I've attached a few pictures I snapped with my iPhone to show the parts.

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