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Originally Posted by Wasp09 View Post
The motor ports on the 2614V are not outputting normal ESC/servo signal. They are full cycle PWM outputs. The stock so called "ESC" is more or less a power stage for the brushed motor outputs from the RX. Hence we always need signal converters for both to go brushless or tail servo.

I made the signal converter myself using ATtiny2313. Then we can use a regular brushless ESC and brushless motor on the main.

On that tail side, as the 2416V uses a 0.5ms cycle, to convert it to a regular ESC/servo signal the cycle time is 20ms. Hence we are lossing quite a bit of responsiveness across the conversion. Not sure if it would be a problem.

We also use a proprietary cycle at the tail, like the 3.3ms cycle time in the 2433, but we would need special servo to handle the much shorten cycle.

That won't be too much work on the ATtiny2313, we just have to use 2 seperate counters.

The 2416V also requires a power check input of around 2V. If you don't use the stock "ESC", don't forget to do that, otherwise it would keep the motor outputs off.

Have fun.
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