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Originally Posted by lucianozan View Post
Following MarcAntonio, Alex, Devonboy and Mikey-flies suggestions I've modified the Skew Planar. Cutted the 4 lobes that now are 2mm shorter and soldered on the connector side. I have reduced the coax cable that was sticking out and now the coax is soldered to the antenna as soon as it exits from the connector. The geometry is not Star Trek and can be improved in the next prototypes.

I've also built a Cloverleaf for the VTX ...and it's really easier to do. Following Devonboy suggestion I've kept the antenna a little far from the VTX, soldering it on top of a little coax cable (half wavelength long).

Today I've done the same flight tests on the same course and the results are pretty good! I've got my target 1000m (0,62 mile) with video much more clean and with less disturbance even when the model was banking.

Here a little video. The first part of the video is done with the whip standard antenna. In the second part the same course is done with the new IBCrazy antennas. I think that the difference is evident. I've left all the sounds (forgot to switch off the vario) so you can better appreciate the disturbance....or the silence!

Thank you Alex for your tutorial and thank you all for your support!


bit worried about your VTX placement right next to your GPS.

If you fly any kind of distance and have need for accurate GPS (plane down locating or RTH etc) then you would be best to seperate them out of principle even if the frequencies and harmonics are not a real factor.
Call it best practices if you will.

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