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Originally Posted by cactus View Post
Wow! I just ran across this plane on the 3DHS website. Looks great. I am looking to move up into a bigger plane this year. Currently flying the v2 47" SHP on 13x8 prop on 3s 3000mah packs for several seasons now and it goes to the field every time. I like big air precision flying with some light 3d mixed in. My question would be if I could get a setup to use some of my existing packs? Maybe two 3S 2200-3000 packs for a 6S or perhaps use my 5S 5000 20C packs I use in my Swift heli? Does this plane handle a little more weight for wind penetration?

Edit: I was considering a 72" Extra /DLE 30 setup for long flights, but I don't think it will fit in my xTerra! This seems about the right size to get that bigger feel without having to get a trailer to haul it to the field.
I think there is another brand of 58" ish plane that runs a pair of 3S 2200s so that may work fine. I think the 5S 5000 pack could be a bit heavy. But, the 3dHS planes will still fly better on the heavy side than most comparable planes set up as light as possible, from what I hear.

My hanger is quickly becoming 3DHS only so I don't have much experience with other brands. But I do run a light setup on my 72 SC and I like it that way. My 57 SC is a med weight, high power setup and its great. I will use the same stuff on the 59" Slick.
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