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Steve is quite correct in that we both can't simply dismiss decades of well-funded science with gobs of research data behind it and rely on seat-of-the-pants "data" as a foundation for our "science." Nonetheless, the current science simply can't explain the empirical results that have been collected by thousands -- thousands -- of R/C flyboys who have built KF wings and achieved real, validated, positive results. (So much for confirmation bias.) Therefore, there needs to be some radically new thinking to stimulate the research that will then produce new science. (Actually, "discover," since you can't create science; it's already there, waiting to be found.)

So, let's not limit ourselves to what we already know about how wings work. The KF is a departure from conventional wing design that has proven itself to be beneficial, but why? Since conventional wing science can't answer that question, how about new thinking that can lead to answers?

-- Marty, mulling it over Yet Again --
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