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Originally Posted by A Useless Geek View Post
Yepper. Dick Kline his own bad sef might be able to explain this better (or not, the science is still very fuzzy), but my understanding from what research that has happened is that the step causes a turbulence that makes the wing look thicker/taller to the apparent wind. Thusly, the air is lifting off of the surface of the wing but riding on top of the turbulent bubble. Whatever.
That sounds like what's known as a 'laminar separation bubble' (google it).. It's something that you want to avoid because it increases drag. The separation of the flow in the inflatable wing video is because of a laminar separation bubble. In fact turbulators/trips are used precisely to avoid the formation of laminar separation bubbles.

PS.. KF airfoils are far from 'new' and they are also not untested. Dick's patent was filed over 40 years ago and they have been tested in wind tunnels by the likes of NASA.
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