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LiPo cells have a full charge voltage of 4.2 volts. LiIon cells are fully charged at 4.1 volts. Not much of a difference but there is some. The chargers for these batteries generally have a separate setting for each of the battery types. I am not a battery guru and as such I would not parallel different types.

Batteries in parallel will always have the same voltage. A weaker battery still has the same voltage as a stronger one. Only the current provided by each battery in a parallel circuit will be different. If they were not at the same voltage level when they are initially connected they will equalize. Then as long as they remain connected the voltage level will remain the same at each battery. If you parallel batteries with different mah ratings, say a 1000mah and a 500mah the current supplied to the circuit will be proportional to each batteries capacity. So if the circuit requires 3000ma then the 1000mah battery will supply 2000ma and the 500mah battery will supply the remaining 1000ma.

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