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Originally Posted by Guz View Post
I have to ask this:

What's up with those big pizza box, tray transmitters? I know they are popular outside the USA, but why?!?!?!?
Like slowswede said, it's all about stability and control. In my avatar I'm using the Multiplex harness to secure my p4000 transmitter (see below). Although in my avatar picture I have one hand on the transmitter I could take both hands off and the tx does not move. Great for high-powered electrics knowing that the tx can't flail around and knock the motor on by accident. Also great for slope soaring when you need to walk to the landing area, sometimes over/through gates. But they do take some getting used to. I bought mine in 1999 to replace an old Futaba FF7 and my flying suffered initially.

One other advantage is the ability to place switches wherever you want them and assign them to do whatever you want. Nowadays this is less of an issue since most high-end transmitters allow you to assign switches to do whatever you want, although if Spektrum/JR/Futaba/Hitec put a 2-position switch where you would prefer a 3-position you are still stuck.

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