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Originally Posted by flattermann View Post
No. 5 shows the 'full heli-mechanics' solution
I like the 'full heli-mechanics' solution as I have 2 helicopters that I do not fly very often

While on the 'helicopter' topic, a forum of possible interest for thrust vectoring is the 'auto gyro' forum (also under 'exotic and special interest aircraft').
For those who do not know, the 'auto gyro' is a fore-runner of the helicopter and looks like a hybrid between a airplane and a helicopter.
Like an airplane, it has a propeller to pull it forward.
Like a helicopter, it has a overhead rotor to provide lift.
Unlike a helicopter, an auto gyro's rotor is not powered.
Instead it spins on its own as the auto gyro moves forward through the air
(hence the term 'auto' in auto gyro).

Auto gyros have a form of pitch and roll control (like a helicopter's cyclic control) known as 'direct control' (DC).
This involves using servos to directly tilt the rotor relative to the auto gyro's body and looks like a thrust vectoring unit tilted 90 degrees upward.
Like thrust vectoring, these units need to handle a lot of force (in this case, all the lift force) without putting too much stress on the servos.
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