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Originally Posted by Drednox View Post
Do those GPS trackers require a subscription to a service?? I'm seeing them pretty cheap on ebay
Some do, some don't. There are some that are simply pay per message, so you'd
pay nothing at all until you need it, then spend a buck or so to find your plane.

BTW, this type of loss of video is not all that uncommon. The video signal looks great while flying away, and sucks
when you turn straight toward home. Often because Tx antenna is blocked by onboard gear, or is at least
multi-pathing off it, sometimes because the Tx antenna is tilted back a little. The lessons to learn from it, are
1. while flying away to some great distance, stop and make a 360 turn every so often to test both your video and
control signals.
2. Don't assume that you'll be able to fly straight home and plan accordingly. Sometimes you'll turn around discover
the video signal is bad, so just simply turn a few degrees away from pointing straight home, until the video quality
improves, and keep flying that way until you can turn straight home, or just zig zag a little the whole
way back.

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