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Originally Posted by Draknkep View Post
Hi Tom

First, take an undersized drill bit, and carefully drill through the blind nut. Make sure it is undersized, and you go slow, as you don't want to mess up the threads. Then take a screw the same size and thread a nut onto it (to "clean the threads when it is taken off) then grind a short taper (about .125" to .187") onto it. Then using a abrasive "cut-off" wheel in a Dremel tool, cut two grooves (one on each side) length-ways on the screw. Take the nut off, cleaning the threads. Basically you are making a tap. The carefully work the screw into the hole, do not push on it, as you do NOT want to push the blind nut out inside the fuselage.

Ahhh...reminds me when I lost a blind nut into the fuse on my 68" Velox....then I did it again on my 70" Slick...
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