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Originally Posted by brokeneck View Post
i got a 2730 1500kv and 1300kv(1300kv is blue and red,1500 kv is red and black). both i think are 16 pole 12 stator. I have read as much as i can on blog.

I got epp 3d type ships. (yak 55)
I am at 5000 ft msl and can run a 9050 even on the 1500kv, no problem

I use the 1500kv for 2 cell and the 1300 kv for 3 cell and am very happy with both as is, would like a little more pwr on 2 cell.

I like the 9050 gps prop, works good on my bird would like to stay with that (got a nice stock of em)

I wanna rewind these. I want more power on one one dedicated 2 cell
that puts out more pwr than factory 1500kv, i think a little more kv wouldnt hurt.

the 3 cell version id like to just make it better all around,

from reading sounds like ABC is only option for 16 pole

I am new to winding, but am a fly tier, so less afraid to tackle something of moderate difficulty.

suggestions for 2 cell 9050 for pwr?
suggestions for 3 cell 9050?

would be great if wire was same size for both!

what kv does your suggestion end up being?
dont have any 3000kv, would like to try winding above first and not moving magnets. dont care about precice throttle control or noise.


Did you check out the spreadsheet at post #343? The guys here have done an amazing amount of detailed work compiling the data so you can sort it as you wish.
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