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Tips For Converting From .MOV to .AVI Format Using MP4cam2AVI Utility

Comments inserted in red in your post quote below. Also, look at tha attached picture. In the upper right corner, be sure to set the "Action" selection when you are batch processing. You can have it output the separate files as .AVI files, or join them together as one .AVI file. With the settings in the picture, I got two separate files named PTDC0001.avi and PTDC0002.avi.

And be sure to set the "avi size limit" so it's big enough to hold your converted file. I found the "1024 Mb (DVD) setting to be big enough for a 20 minute clip from my camera which captures at 7MB/sec data rate, but since some HD key cams can capture at 10MB/sec, setting the max size to 4096 (PC) would be better. I also check the box next to "align to clip start", although I don't know if this has any effect. I think if the source video were a standard MP4 clip, it could be viewed in the program's preview windowand you might be able to mark the point where you want the new repackaged video to start, effectively clipping off unwanted initial portions of a clip.

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Thanks NightRunner417,

I think even I can remember print screen Didn't know it would capture a frame from a video.
It will capture your entire screen... not just the video. See other posts for better options.

I got MP4cam2AVI to work and it worked fast. I can only preview file(movie in .MOV) in an external viewer.
But if you double click on the file name in the MP4cam2AVI selection pane, it will automatically pop up a viewer (whatever you have associated to open the .MOV file type on your PC). No need to stop and open the file separately.

Do I set the Target file name to "Targetdir.avi" to get the file names to stay the same only with the avi extension? manually renamed a couple files to test things.
Yes, and it will save in the same target directory location, too.

Do I use that setting to get it to rename the files during a batch process to individual files with the same names and the extension changed?

I will play with it more and I think I'll use it when needed. It would have sped things up yesterday when I had to wait two hours for Freemake to convert my indoor files from three cams.

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