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i didnt say there werent people that cant afford the real heli here, im simply pointing out a reason to why nobody should by align stuff due to it being over priced, and kids like me piss you off? why becasue we have realised how much money we can save after you have gone out and spent thousands on a single trex 450, and i can understand that it pisses you off, i would be too if i had wasted that much money, well its never to late to change over =p. Also what would you rather have if you are just the general run of the mill heli guy, one trex450 sport (ect) that cost you about $1000 with your futaba remote, and maxamps battery (none of this is any better, or margenly at the most) when you arent doing any hard 3d your just casuly flying around, doing a few loops, and absolutley petrafied you might crash it and have to fork out another $200-$500 in spare parts? or would you rather spend $200 total, on a heli that can do all that, with 3 batteris that work beautifly and a decent remote that can do all you will ever need with a heli, and you wont be scared of crashing it because it only cost about $50 tops for a crash repair if you somehow crash it into a tree, then a damn in 3d mode so the heli is basicly destroyed? the hk heli's also dont have the problems that krugger describes, maybe with a very dodgy clone brand made by a guy in his shed you might have these fanaticle problems....maybe, so stop being so agro you wasted your money unless you are some absolute god at 3d and push your heli so hard you will need some align parts (not many) to make the hk just as good as a trex. Have fun wasting your money=D
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