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Originally Posted by jackerbes View Post
That may be a good candidate for 8 or 9 inch slow fly props, Those work OK on the 1300 and 1500 BW's, you may be able to use even larger ones at the lower Kv.

How tough is the learning curve on a tricopter if you already know how to fly planes but are not already a helo flyer? Is there a build thread on this one?


The Tricopters are easier to fly than a 450 size helicopter and they are way, way more durable. They can handle some wind, they can do flips and rolls. A good 450 heli will have more capabilities in the right hands, but it has a steeper and more expensive learning curve.

If you are not a heli pilot than you would do better to spend some time with a 4 ch beginner heli and/or some simulator time first.

Lots of Tricopters and Quadcopters in the multirotor and also in the FPV forum.
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