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Another coaxial F3P plane

I was going to keep this under wraps until the Lithuanian championships, but since Fabien already told about his system in the spies thread, I thought I might as well post something on a bit different coaxial motor system I have been flying since last december.

This one is using 2 AP-03 outrunner motors weighting 3.25g a piece. Since there is no way to run a 10" prop direct drive with a 3g motor, gears are used. To give You an idea of the size, the diameter of the motor is around the same as the hub in a 10" GWS prop... pretty small.

The motor/gearbox system weights around 16g and the 10" carbon fiber props 2x3.5=7g. I'm using two YGE-4S speed controllers (2x0.7g=1.4g without wires) connected to different channels on the Spektrum AR6100 receiver. This way I can limit the throttle for the motor turning the front prop to match the two torques.

Flying weight of the Manta v3 with the system is 107g with a Hyperion 2S 120mAh battery. Full throttle current is around 3.6A (the whole system). As for the efficiency, with the 120mAh battery You can get trough 2 complete sequences, but not much more. Pretty OK in my opinion.

Suomen CUP 3/4 Laukaa. F3P-F11 Kimmo Kaukoranta (2 min 33 sec)

Suomen CUP 3/4 Laukaa. F3P-P11 Kimmo Kaukoranta (2 min 34 sec)
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