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With the deck frame work finished you must now block sand the entire frame work true in preparation of the sub decking to be glued down. Once the frame work has been sanded true, cut loose the engine hatch and the rear hatch with a Xacto knife. Sand the engine and rear hatch where the wedges were tacked glued as well as the hatch frames in the hull.
Now locate the balsa sub decking for the rear hatch (I) and the engine hatch (K, 2pcs). Rear hatch sub decking (I), can be glued with medium CA glue, on to the hatch so that the front of the hatch is on the etched dotted line. This will leave the sub decking will be sticking past the hatch front 5/32. The sides of the sub decking can be sanded smooth with the hatch. The rear of the sub decking hanging off the back of the hatch is not touched.

With the two engine hatch sub decking parts (K) will be glued with medium CA glue, on to the engine hatch frame with the center seam running down between the two hatch frame centers (HFC). After gluing both pieces of the sub decking (K) to the frame, sand the sub decking flush with the hatch frame on all four sides.

Now reinstall the engine hatch frame back into the engine bay and wedge and tack glue with thin CA glue the hatch as done before with equal spacing on both the front and back as well as the sides.

The rear hatch is left out at this time and will be reinstalled after the rest of the sub decking is glued down to the frame work.

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