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Originally Posted by saabguyspg View Post

I see you have increased the gas to 76 on the lower 3 motors... of course I assume that it is becuase of the top motor "blowing" on the bottom one. It seems to work well but I did not know that we could go more than 64 (100%) I figured that anything more than 64 would be ignored...

Is it worth it to experiment with larger props on the bottom or top?
Hi Steve,

I tend to run 70-74 on the bottom motors. The only downside of this is that the lower motors will hit max throttle before your stick gets to the full throttle position. For that last bit of throttle travel, you'll only be speeding up the top motors, which will induce some yaw. The good news is that you can easily avoid needing to use full throttle if you've got enough power.

As for different sized props, I'd try a slightly higher pitch on the bottom if possible, but as you know, we don't get a lot of choices.

Slightly higher KV on the bottom motors might help as well. I have some of the 750 and 840 Pulsos, and plan to try using the 840's on the bottom.

Glad to hear you're a master mixer now It's almost easier to make your own table than to try to copy someone elses.

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