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I've been on the forums here for a while now, and need to ask what is probably a stupid question, but due to my own inexperience I just can't suss this one out myself. Hopefully IBCrazy will have mercy upon me and enlighten me with his technical wisdom.

There seems to be much discussion about RcTX and VTX and the proper way to balance these two. But with the advent of long-range multi-channel RX/TX systems (Such as Dragon Link and the like) Why are we not simply using a single RX/TX system and slicing out 2 or 3 channels to handle the video and audio downlink?

Perhaps I am missing something obvious, but if one has a 12 channel capable RX/TX system and is only using say, 8 channels, why not use the remaining 4 channels for your other onboard systems and save weight, battery, and complexity?

Has anyone ever tried this? Is it even POSSIBLE with a multichannel radio, or would you need to include some kind of chip-based compression/decompression system to get the video data stream down to a manageable size?

Thoughts? Suggestions? Rebukes for being ridiculous?
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