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Originally Posted by turboparker View Post

Lookin' good! Seems like you've got her dialed-in, now. I'm curious - how long before you start noticing the effects of your own rotorwash? I've never tried hovering mine in a space that small, but this draggy winter has got me thinking about sneaking in an SR 'hover fix' in the living room...

Well to be honest, I can pretty much feel it until I get about 3 feet off the floor, then it smooths out. There are bits of time when I am low that I can hold it pretty well, then it kind of starts to get away from me due to my lack of experience. I can, for the most part telegraph what it's going to do. My trouble is I over correct for what I think it's about to do. I have gotten somewhat use to what movements it makes when getting closer to the ground and then rising.

I can tell you this, my wife complains when she's in her nighty and I am hovering it in the living room. She notices the effects of the rotor wash quite a bit, and doesn't like it. Says it makes her cold. I just can't do anything right.

I don't know if I'd be willing to hover in my living room with the blades you have though. Those are much shorter than stock. I incorrectly stated in a previous post they were 15mm short, they aren't. They are 10mm shorter as stock is 245. The c/f blades i have are 250. But I did order the ones you have. Should be here soon. I think I will try outside first though. The metal swash is nice, I now do not worry about a separation. But I am doing my best to keep it from crashing. I have been practicing with the T-REX 450 in the sim. And I can do pretty good with her. Did some major FFF, and hard turns and never crashed once. I am sure that is not going to translate to real life. But I just want to get good with the Sr,and then try and hover the 450.
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