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1st Race Today

I'm kinda anxious about it too.. the prediction at 10am for the Start is there's going to be only zero to 2 mph of wind.. (and i hate super light conditions like that).. and something odd occurred yesterday that has me baffled.. especially cause it "healed itself" and could come back at any time I suppose..

Friday Louis and i sailed DeAnza cove and as I was rigging the helmet cam. the freeking neck strap clip failed yet again.. and the Tx fell 4feet to the asphalt.. this is after I was simply working hands free for 10 minutes getting the camcorder set up.. aargh.. that Turnigy strap thing's got to go.. but is what i THINK?? might have caused this new issue below!

Sailed for a couple hrs yesterday (Saturday) and then noticed I lost Main/Jib control for 15 seconds.. and it came back.. then another 10 minutes later it happened again.. the Rudder was rock solid.. no issues at all with it (and by the way it's got the new servo in it and is working flawlessly).. However, the Main was totally dead.. got the boat out of the water , cycled the Receiver and the Tx power several times and was still dead.. Got Home, was still dead, tapped on the transmitter case a lot more.. (thinking the prob is a loose contact and only in Servo Chan 3 Throttle stick control) but no change.. the receiver and all connectors looked perfectly dry, voltage indicator was maxed at over 6.0vdc, Rx green, but no Mainsheet servo control.. Shut down yet again.. recharged the boat's RX 2300mah 10C surge battery.. which was fine and only drew 340mah's to recharge, and put it back in having changed NOTHING else.. but then found that the main started working just fine again.. and try as i might.. I can't make it fail.. So, i suppose the problem will come back while I'm racing today.. but I want to see if it really is in the Transmitter as i suspect.. or the Rx/ servo battery in the Receiver.. Guess we'll see.. More to follow.. JimS
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