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Still not satified

Quite interesting -
I found it easier to sand this wide hull when it stands vertical like in the first pics. Its easier like this, as I can turn it around like I want to and just from the light coming in through the window it of course develops its own shadow(s) -
telling me where I have to do some more fairing.

There are still some bumps/kinks (or whatever you might call it), that need to be smoothed out. Sometimes its also good, just to sit down and look at the hull from different angles - like in the last pics.

Actually I donīt like the "pinky" color of the foam at all. Canīt wait to see this shape in a "good and shiplike" color!
On the other hand the slight color difference between 8cm foam and 6cm foam helps me to determine the proper cross section shapes.

"Lighter pink and darker pink" - *ARGL* - I HATE those tussicolors! -
(As disgusting as having to touch Paris Hilton !!!)

Some facts:
This plug is 99cm high/long now, the three forward cross sections are still missing.
For now I have one section forward of the mainframe and six aftward sections glued together - 10 sections of 14 cm overall. But it could as well be that I take off the two mainsections again, to fit and shape the forward sections seperately -
and glue them onto the aftward part later on.

Thats the main advantage of using doublesided selfadhesive tape, instead of some kind of glue to fit the sections together for "eternity". And as this tape isnīt hard, it doesnīt disturb me during the sanding/fairing process either.

One more thing:
This whole (big) block has only 3.10 kgs for now!
Really easy to handle and turn it around to whatever position I might want/need to.
And when Iīm done with sanding/fairing the whole thing, I simply will glue it onto my building table (again with doublesided tape) - so it doesnīt move - and laminate it completely in one step.

All five or six seamless layers of fibreglass in one workingstep.
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