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Ok, I finally figured out what caused all the problems today. The (I am not sure what it's called) the little rocker that the pitch control link is attached to. That got flipped to the wrong side. I all of the sudden remember a video I watched that said the pitch control arms should almost be vertical. And wow, they weren't. They were way slanted. So I changed them back, had to shorted the links and redo pitch bla bla bla. Hence, it is now fixed. Geez, I am dumb. I even made a video of it before fixing it. I am just going to leave it and put an annotation in point to the area and saying it's wrong. But the metal swash only took ME all day to finally get right.

Another learning experience this has been. I was not paying attention when I put it back together, obviously. So, I need to pay closer attention to what I am doing. But, being me, I was so excited I just snapped it back on and just took off. I mean I put locktite on the little screw for the retaining collar, and the screw for the main gear as the hub is all metal. But when it came to snapping the links back on, I just went at it and didn't look at it. Even after it wouldn't fly, I didn't look at it closer. I just went on and adjusted and adjusted, more adjusting. I need to remember, it flew fine before the swash replacement. Something must be connected wrong.

Anyway, sorry to bore you guys. I apologize.
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