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I have installed the metal swashplate. It took a lot of adjustment to get it back to right. When I first put it on and tried to lift off, it wouldn't. so I had to readjust all the linkages and pitch settings. Man, that was fun. I am still learning so I adjust a little here and check with the pitch gauge. I have ever so slight amount of binding in the head. It's not the travel, but it's trying to pitch the blades farther than they'll go. I think I just need to adjust the pitch linkages down a 1/2 turn or possibly a full turn. Then of course, check with a pitch gauge and check binding. I was able to stop the binding by turning the pitch curve at full stick down to 98.5 So it's just barely binding. I think a half a turn will do on the pitch linkage and then I might have to extend the servo links a turn. But I'll do one thing at at time. First, shorten the pitch linkages and try it. The head had plenty of travel, and so does the servos as I can go full stick in any direction and have full cyclic.

I'll let you know. Once it's adjusted perfectly I'll make a video.
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