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Originally Posted by Balr14 View Post
EQMOD likes to use Walkera 4#3 head parts on every heli he can make them fit on. He demonstates a great deal of ingenuity, but that doesn't make it a good idea. The Walkera 4#3 was the most difficult heli there is to fly.
I agree with this actually. Although I think it still would be very interesting to see a bell-hiller modded tandem rescue, you have to look at the cost-to-benefit ratio. Since the two swashplates only influence aileron roll, that means ultimately only aileron inputs would benefit from the mod.

So it would be the same amount of work for half the performance improvement (Theoretically speaking). That being said, however, a tandem heli's weakest in roll authority, so maybe it would put its performance on par with say an mCX but with greater lift capacity...
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