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#11 Cam First Impressions, Cont'd

Surprisingly good quality! I had to press the "shutter" button and hold it for a time, then press and hold "Power" simultaneously and hold that as well, and up it came with automatic install of a new video device. True to their word, no driver disk is needed. I get a bit of a lag with AmCap, about half a second between moving the camera and seeing it on the screen. Windows Media Encoder 9, interestingly enough, shows no lag at all.

Image quality is surprisingly good, and so far I don't see any focus issues. It is probably a bit nearsighted, focused say out to about 20 feet, but I have yet to really verify that. Color accuracy seems reasonable for a low brow webcam, and light sensitivity is actually surprisingly good for what it is. Not good enough for me, of course, but still better than expected. As it is, it won't do for a low light camera, but I can tell it would do pretty good at dawn or dusk.

In webcam mode, apparently it has no support for audio. Too bad, but that can be dealt with, and it may be that I'm either doing something wrong or there's a workaround available.

Bigger fish to fry at the moment. The battery is charged, and I have a blank 4GB card in it. Time to see what the video recording is like. :-)

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