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Originally Posted by SoloPro View Post
Decide to combine your three post in a row in this single one, for more clarity.

Subtrim is available, but it will probably not help with your forward flight issue. If EPA is available on the Bravo III I don't know. It didn't seem to be on my Solo, but that one is from a much older production batch than the Bravo III, using an older type receiver. Perhaps someone with a Bravo III can chime in here to make thing more clear?

Can you make some clear pictures? Sound like a nice mod, instead of getting Bravo SX skids, the black ones that is, which are reported to be stronger.
I don't think a pic will work as the thin black tube is practically invisible against the black skid. If you get some carbon & CA & "attack" the skids you'll soon figure it out.
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